"My gift to my children is an appreciation of the universe. My gift to the universe is children who appreciate it." -Mr. Science
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"Obviously Not a real grownup!"

Who is Mr. Science?....

Born and raised on the Florida Space Coast, Tim Perkins became "Mr. Science" after returning to his hometown with his wife and children in 1992.

For over 10 years Tim has created and performed hundreds of science presentations specifically designed to educate and entertain children and their families.

The "Mr. Science Show" is now being put on video along with hundreds of happy children that have attended his live performances in schools and civic centers. (The videos will be ready as soon as Mr. Science figures out how to get his VCR to stop flashing 12:00 a.m. over and over!)


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  "The Mr. Science Show -- family fun and fascination since 1992."

Trivia: When Tim started doing science presentations at a local science supply store at the request of the owner, the children didn't know what his name was and so they called him "Mr. Science man" and the name stuck. His wife calls him "Mr. Intense Man"!

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